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broccoli monster

June 2011




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Jun. 22nd, 2011

broccoli monster


Yeah, I know, it's the first time I've posted here since March and all I'm putting up is a meme. I'm not quitting the journal, just not feeling like posting lately. So, here's your meme.

1. Name: Nikita Nopants (there is no way I am printing my real name anywhere on the internet if I can avoid it.)

2. Birthday: It's in May

3. Where do you live: Earth, most of the time.

4: What are you studying/What are you working as: Currently I'm a stay-at-home writer, which is frighteningly similar to being unemployed.

5. What makes you happy: Bipolar disorder, sometimes. (Those of you who get this, feel free to comment with groans.)

6. What are you listening to now/have listened to last: Vince Neil on my iPod. Now the song has changed to Alice Cooper's "Bed of Nails." The random pile of music CDs I have on my computer desk right now includes Putumayo's albums "Latin Reggae" and "Paris" which are both world music, go figure, and "Free to Be...You and Me" by Marlo Thomas and Friends. Also, something titled simply "Past Life Regression." I don't know why.

7. What is particularly good/bad about my LJ: Good = Well, when I do post, I write honestly. Bad = Oh, probably the lack of updates. I haven't written in my LJ since March. Used to at least try for once a month, and before that it was every few days or so. Not so much anymore.

8. An interesting fact about you: Um...can I get back to you on this one?

9. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment: Nope

10. Favorite place to be: Someplace near water. Lake, ocean, river, what-have-you. (Ideally, there would be no bugs or other people, but I'd settle for just no bugs.)

11. Favorite lyric: "So, life is a simulation indeed/so surmised the simulated me" from 'The Pixels of the Universe' by Benj and Jeremy, http://www.request-a-song.com/

12. Best time of the year: Currently I can find good things to say about all seasons, but anytime it's warm enough out to hang around outside is good.

13. Weirdest food you like: I'm going to have to go with the chocolate covered bacon here. I've tried some weirder things than that, but I usually hate them. (Example: sea urchin sushi.)

14. Contact info/twitter: You can find me here, or on Facebook under the name Nikita Nopants. I do not Twitter, nor do I post my phone number online.

1. A film: "Crazy People" starring Dudley Moore and Paul Reiser.
2. A book: Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. So far I haven't found one I didn't like.
3. A song: "Song Inside My Head" by the Arrogant Worms.
4: A band: Matthew Sweet. (Okay, he's not a band, but he's good.)

1. Favorite Fandom: I don't get into fan communities and stuff.
2. OTP/OT3: I don't know what this means.
3. Icon/Fic Journal: Also no.

1. One thing you like about me: I love having another fiction writer to talk to about the craft of writing and about being creative and artistic in general, and that you can be creative and artistic without going off the deep end.
2. Two things you like about yourself: I'm going to go with creativity and sense of humor here.
3. Put this in your lj/dw so I can tell you what I think of you? Um...sure?

Mar. 11th, 2011

broccoli monster

Yet Another Gaming Entry

Don't worry though. Gaming isn't the main subject. In fact, as I type this large red intro I actually don't intend to talk about the gaming portion of the evening very much at all. So, here we go then.

Some of you reading this may know the word "Camarilla" and its applications in the real world, as a gaming organization that takes $20 from each of its members every year and provides them with the privellege of gaming. (I hate the beaurocracy end of it, by the way, I'm just in it for the games.) So, this story is about an evening with the local Cam chapter, as we prepared to start up the Vampire; the Requiem game again.

I had been talked into giving Requiem another shot, even though in the beginning when I tried it the first time, I came to the conclusion that it is Hitler. Now though, people know the system better, and they can work with it and make it good for their players, so I'm willing to give it another try. Been talking to the local DST about my character, and having fun with the planning and such, more than I ever did playing it when first it reared its evil head. So, things have gone well so far. And then last week, we came to the conclusion that we needed to have a gathering, to talk about various Cam things, including Requiem. And to get some of us through the character-making process.

Wednesday night we went to the hotel the DST and his wife were staying at. They'd come in from Omaha, got a room, and invited us all over for the gathering. When they arrived we were surprised to note that they had their kids with them, as the sitter fell through. Young kids, 2 and 5 I believe. They came into the room and immediately began talking to us, a bunch of adults they'd never seen before. These kids are not shy at all, and over the course of the evening, apparently they fell in love with me.

Warren had ordered Valentino's for the evening, and we'd picked it up on the way to the hotel. I got a couple slices of pizza and went over to the sofa in the room and sat down to enjoy dinner. Within five seconds the little boy was next to me, eyes fixed on the pizza like my cat used to do. Also, he had tiger stripes painted on his face, so it was like a little kitten trying to influence my mind so I'd feed him pizza. But his parents were in the room, so I had a better solution. I asked him if he wanted pizza, and when he said yes I suggested he go ask his dad for pizza.

Later on, the same little boy came over to me and grabbed two of my fingers. He led me across the room, to the pizza, and pointed at it. He'd had some before, and now was ready for more, and somehow I was the adult he went to for this. So I gave him a slice and he was happy. I had a breadstick, and later the child was back, eyeing the breadstick with wanton desire. He waited till I'd finished it and then led me over to the table and pointed at the breadsticks. What could I do? I was powerless to resist such a cute child. Unfortunately, his older sister was no less cute.

Later, after I was done eating, I went and sat on the bed so I could chat with the DST and his wife. The kids were laying down on the bed, and both of them immediately decided I should lay down with them. The little boy crawled into my lap and snuggled into my shoulder. The little girl said she really liked me and wanted me to lay down with her. I did, for a bit, but I actually had some things to go over with the various STs and other officers, so I couldn't lay down for long. Then she came out with: "Your hair's gold like Rapunzel!"

[Note: Lately I've been watching in horror as my hair has begun turning from blonde to gray/silver/white. It isn't the color change that gets me, it's mostly the fact that now there's a visible sign that I am no longer young.]

And now I've met a five-year-old girl who either can't see gray hair, or is already very good at spotting and sucking up to people like me, who are suckers for cute children. I don't know which it is, and at the time it didn't really matter. If I hadn't extricated myself and gone back to the sofa I probably would've ended up going home with them, or taking the kids home with me.

Resistance is futile. The little children will one day own my soul, if they can get the other half of it back from Brianna's lich cat.

Mar. 4th, 2011

broccoli monster

Long-Overdue Correction

This really should've been said earlier.

So, I'm scrolling down my Friends page, looking through my LJ tags. And one of them is "Conan O'Brien Sucks." That used to be my opinion before his current show began. Now though, I find him hilarious.

I don't know why I hated him as much as I did - and it was a lot. Like, you know how much you hate Hitler? Or whichever of the last five or so Presidents you hate? Or the singer/actor/TV chef/supermodel/talk show host you can't stand? Or, dare I say it, the 2009 "Star Trek" monstrosity? Yeah, that's how much I used to hate Conan O'Brien.

His first show made me wish he was dead. Then he disappeared from TV for a while. Then he got another show, which I refused to watch because in my mind he was the Devil. Then that one quietly went off the air, and I didn't really notice. Then, they started running commercials for his new show, the one that's on now. This was months before it began. I hadn't seen or heard anything from Conan in years, and hadn't thought about him. But then I saw these ads, and they were funny. And I found myself wondering why I hated him so much. I couldn't muster the same level of intense, burning hatred I had felt for him in the beginning - actually, I didn't hate him at all anymore really. So I thought I'd give the new show a chance, record it for the first week so I could make sure to catch every episode and really try to like it.

And actually, it wasn't hard to like the new show. I am converted. I honestly don't remember why I hated Conan before, but I think he's hilarious now, and the guests are really laid back and relaxed, and they seem to be acting more like their real selves on his show than they do on other shows. For instance, I didn't know this before, but Harrison Ford is WEIRD. Seriously, I was a little shocked.

So, Conan O'Brien does not suck. I'm not going to remove the old tag, but I'll add a new one that should go right underneath it, or right above it. This should be interesting.

Jan. 20th, 2011

broccoli monster

Mother Nature Checks In

It may sound weird, but she actually does. I will explain...

A while back, in summer I think it was, I was driving my friend Warren home after hanging out for the evening. It was after 11pm and pitch dark. For those of you who know the town I live in, he lives right across from the capitol building. We were driving down the street past it, when he pointed at the sky near the large dome on top of the building. "Whoa, look at that!" he said, sounding pretty amazed.

I looked. "What, all those birds?" As I said it I realized it couldn't be birds, that late at night, in such a huge swarm.

"Those are bats," he corrected me. Well, at that point it was time to park the car and get out to go look at the bats. We sat on the low wall on the side of the walkway leading up to one of the doors of the building and just watched the bats for a good hour. The building lights were on and they were after the insects that were swarming the lights. It was awesome. Earlier in the day a double rainbow had appeared in a still-cloudy sky (what does it all mean!?!) and now the bats. We felt like Mother Nature was just making sure we were still paying attention and still suitably amused/entertained by her displays. We were.

Fast forward to Wednesday. In the morning, roswellgray called and invited me to come over later and hang out. I told her I'd come by around 7pm, and that I'd call her before I left. I went about my day, doing laundry and not much else. When the time came I called her, and then I set out. I left earlier than I normally would, because it had been snowing all day.

I walked outside and immediately thought oh no, it's still snowing. It's going to snow all night and the car is going to be buried. Oh well, I told her I'd come over and I want to have a chance to hang out with her before she has her surgery on Friday and heads up to her parents' place after the weekend to recover. All this was true. Normally, a steady, all-day snow would cause me to cancel nearly anything, but I wanted to hang out with my friend. So I got in the car and backed out of the garage slowly and carefully.

What I saw in the parking lot was stunning, to say the least. The snow was light, dry and fluffy, and it had coated everything with a very fine layer of sparkles. As it hit the windshield I noticed that the flakes were big enough that I could actually see that they were snowflake-shaped. Beautiful. As I drove I saw that anywhere the snow had touched was now twinkling with silver-white glitter, sparkling in any available light. The best views were unmarred lawns where no foot had broken the new layer, and where any nearby street lamps were dim at most. Even with no street lamps, the headlights would sweep past the medians in the middle of some roads and even those were suddenly amazingly beautiful. The road itself was sparkling, even in the spots where tires had worn through to the blacktop and the layer of new snow wasn't deep enough to be visible.

I came out of a depression in December of 2009. By the same time in 2010 it had not come back, and I felt I was ahead of the game. So far it still has not come back, and it's been over a year. But in the heavy, snowy winter of 2009, I stood at the window and marvelled at the beauty of the snow, the ice gleaming on the tree branches, and basically everything. When I couldn't find any reason to hate winter that year, I knew I was no longer depressed. However, this snow, last night's unbelievable snow...was more beautiful than any winter I can remember. At least once on the way to her house I almost cried, I was so overwhelmed by the amazing scene all around me. Twice on the way home, and then in the bathroom I did actually cry a little. I forgot how big and how beautiful Nature is.

Once, when I was living in Colorado and going to school there, I saw something that really made me think about Nature like this. I was walking home from an evening class, and it was dark. Probably at least 10pm. The mist had been rolling in all afternoon and evening, and by the time I had to walk the two blocks back to my apartment, the whole town was shrouded in it. Lamp posts loomed out of the thick white cloud in places on campus, and further apart once I left school property. But the walk was truly amazing. And I realized as I walked, that this mist had been coming in while I was in classes, not watching it at all. Even if I wasn't outside to see it, the mist would've still been there. It would've looked the same even if nobody was outside to see it. Nature doesn't give us these things, she just does them, and when we're lucky enough to be out in it, to get a look at what Nature's doing, it's our own good fortune to be in the right place at the right time.

I don't know why this particular snowfall hit me as hard as it did. I don't know why I'm sitting here, almost three hours after getting home, still utterly blown away by the beauty of Nature. If I had been able to get a decent picture, I would have. However my cell phone camera couldn't even get a picture of the bats in the summer, and I don't have another camera I can use at present. Honestly, I know nothing about taking pictures at night, or how to get something like silvery snow sparkles to show up on film. A picture probably wouldn't have been able to convey the feeling I was experiencing, anyway. When I was coming inside, my fingers and toes were freezing, and I was still reluctant to step inside the house. What I really wanted to do was put my purse on the steps and go back out and walk around in it, just looking at everything. But it was getting late, and once I was in the warm indoors I could really feel those fingers and toes starting to hurt.

I don't know why it happened, or why I was affected so strongly by the sight. Or why I still am. I just feel like maybe Mother Nature does check in on us from time to time. Maybe she does make these things in order to see if we're still paying attention, once in a while. I'd forgotten, and I can't say for sure that I won't forget again, but for the time being I'm just happy I got to go outside and see what Nature was doing. If there's something I'm meant to know about this feeling, I'll know it when I need to. For now, I'm just happy. Still...just...happy.

Dec. 22nd, 2010

broccoli monster

Here We Go Again...?

As I sit here, realizing that 2011 is only a couple of weeks away, I am forced to wonder, what just happened?

Seriously, did we have a regulation 12-month year just now? Because I could swear we skipped at least half of it. Life has been crazy this year, and I suppose that could've contributed to the feeling that we were flying through the weeks and months at breakneck speed. But I have never seen a year pass so quickly. I feel like I didn't have time to really accomplish anything this year. Sure, there have been problems that made it difficult to focus on the things I want to do and technically am supposed to be doing, like finishing my book. But honestly, is that any excuse?

I don't know what happened. If this keeps up I'll never get it finished. Time has got to slow down to normal again at some point, right? This can't be the way it's going to be forever. Is the Earth spinning faster or something? Are days passing quicker? Are hours somehow shorter, and if so, did all the clocks and other man-made timepieces in the whole world magically adjust for this shortened measurement? Are we so much closer to the Sun now that we don't notice things like this happening until time is whizzing by at around 1 year for every day that passes?

I swear, something's not right.

Nov. 8th, 2010

broccoli monster

(no subject)

This entry is about a trip I took for the purposes of gaming. It will include stories of other stuff besides the actual games, so feel free to skim through it and only read the bits you want to read. Onward!

Kind of long, but with some funny bitsCollapse )

Oct. 25th, 2010

broccoli monster

Oh Dear God No!

I'm going to mention a movie that some of you may have seen. However, I'm not going to describe it, not even a little tiny bit. It's not that I don't want to ruin it for people who haven't seen it. It's more about my not wanting to throw up.

So, Saturday night was the Hunter game. (It's a role-playing game, in the same system as Changeling and another one I'm-a start up with soon, Werewolf.) At the Hunter game, the guy who hosts and runs the festivities had also cooked dinner for everyone. We had a great time. There were a lot of dick jokes. They don't have anything to do with the game itself, but they were funny.

After the game, a couple of the folks I know primarily through gaming invited us over to watch a horror movie at their place. I had picked up Warren and his sister for the game, and had to drop her off first, but Warren and I headed to their place for the movie. I'd never been to their house before, and it was pretty cool. Fun Halloween decorations, three cats and a dog, all friendly and pleasant. Then, they put in the movie, and we all settled in to watch Human Centipede.

Warren is squeamish about blood and needles. I can't watch someone getting a shot in a movie, but most horror movie blood and gore does not bother me. It wasn't the blood in the movie that got me though, and really, there wasn't much blood and gore. It was the other stuff that got me. Sure, it was psychologically horrifying, but I've seen movies like that before too. I usually like a good mindfuck in a movie. This was so much more than that. It wasn't the chilling main character or his obviously psychotic personality that got me either. It was the...other stuff.

I actually can't describe what I'm talking about. If I do, I will begin gagging. It will escalate to retching, and then possibly to a full-blown vomit emergency. During the film, Warren and I spent many minutes cringing and hugging each other, not looking at the screen but knowing what was going on anyway, and both of us did a LOT of gagging and retching. We had to pause the movie twice so our hosts could step out to smoke, but I believe it was more for our benefit. A little fresh air, a little fluffy smiling dog to pet, and we were ready to wade back into the movie. It didn't make it any easier to survive the movie though, and I actually had to form a plan of escape in case I had to puke. The front door was open for a while to let in the nice night air, and I figured on heading out to the lawn if things got really sickening. Later, the door was closed, and my plan had to be modified to running down the hall to the bathroom.

After the movie was over, we watched a little bit of a Taboo episode, to try to erase the horrors of the movie. We hung out for a while, but around 2:30am or thereabouts, it was time to head home. I had to drive Warren home and then head back to my place, across town. And in the car, the entire time we were on the way to his apartment, Warren's favorite thing to do was talk about the movie and make me gag. That's right, after the movie was over, all it took was a mention of what happened to get me going again. However, it got worse after he'd gone inside and I was all alone in the car. I had to crank up the radio and sing along, and try not to think about what happened in the movie. It is very difficult to try to convince yourself not to think of a thing. It would float across my consciousness and I'd gag, and then I'd be thinking about it and I'd gag again and have to cover my mouth in fear of a vomit fountain, and then I'd get it together a little and throw myself into the song, and it only helped a little. Kept gagging for the entire drive home.

When I got home, I put a little bit of food in my stomach, and that helped. Mostly it was the stomach acid getting so riled up by the movie that it began digesting my insides. Once I gave it something to do, it calmed down a bit and I was able to sleep nightmare-free.

So, I'm actually glad I went over there and saw that movie. I have not had a movie give me a physical reaction like that in a long time. I saw The Strangers in theatres, by myself, and it was a huge mistake to go alone. However, that was because of the fear and psychological horror of the movie. It was filled with blood and gore, and it was a little sick, but that stuff usually doesn't get me so badly. Human Centipede is the most disgusting movie I've ever seen. I don't gag unless there's a very good reason. And it wasn't just gagging, it was retching, as if I'd just woken up out of a tequila-induced blackout. Bile came up higher than I normally like it.

So, yeah, watch Human Centipede everyone. Make sure you have a trash can with a clean liner in it handy, along with lots of water and paper towels, and maybe something else to look at during some of the parts.

Oct. 6th, 2010

broccoli monster

Idea In Progress: Hide Your Items!

So, recently I had an idea. It was supported by a very scientific study, and now I've reached a point where I must move forward with this idea or let it go. And Gods help me, I'm actually going to move forward with it. I'll explain below in the normal sized, normal colored text.

Last year I was in a depression all year. Possibly before last year. I don't know when it started, but I can remember when it ended. Not the exact day, but I know what I was doing - looking out he living room window at the huge amount of clean, white snow all around. Watching the sun make it almost glow with a pure, sparkling light the likes of which I rarely see anymore. Normally, the winter would aggravate my depression. Most winters I spend griping about the cold, the wind, the ice everywhere. I usually go into a low energy phase, where I don't want to do anything or see anyone until the spring thaw. Not last winter. As I stood there looking out the window, I could not find a single thing wrong with the season. I would think of how terrible it was to slip on an icy sidewalk or have to go out in the cold, and then I would remind myself that I was inside and not dealing with those things at the moment. And even when I did go out, they weren't so bad. My depression lifted, for no discernable reason.

It was unfamiliar and weird for a while, and it still is a little bit, but I'm still not seriously depressed. I've had times this last year where I was kinda bummed out, but there was always a reason and it always lifted after a while. This was not the usual clinical depression, it was the normal ups and downs of a normal person. (I mean emotionally normal. Don't worry.)

Also, in the last year or so I've been trying to get more interested in healthier snacks. I used to live on junk food, and I was depressed a lot. This year I've tried to bring home less junk food and more snacks that aren't as bad for me. I'm not a health nut yet - no rice cakes or anything like that. I actually hate rice cakes. I also hate oatmeal, but that doesn't have any bearing on this story. Anyway, I sometimes want cereal these days, so I've been getting healthier ones. Cereals with oat flakes, bran flakes, flax clusters (whatever the heck that is) and nuts and dried fruit. I like the Mueslix, but it can get a tad expensive for a small box, so I change it up every few weeks. Something with healthy flakes, thinly sliced almonds and raisins will make me happy, but it doesn't have to be all three of those things. I like to try new ones and figure out which ones I like. I haven't had a cereal with marshmallows in it for a very long time, and I honestly don't miss them.

Also in the snacks department, I had no idea how good those Nature's Valley nut bars were. The one made with cashews and cashew butter is awesome. If I ever see cashew butter in our grocery store, I'm buying some. Other fiber-riffic breaksfast/snack bars are good too, and the ones that have a little bit of chocolate in them are sometimes able to curb my desperate need for sweets, and chocolate in particular. I've also been trying to have healthier bread and more stuff like turkey in the fridge for making sandwiches, and more veggies and fruit in the house for snackies. Also Wheat Thins and other less junk-oriented snacks. I'm cutting way back on soda, and making sure to have other options in the fridge. Iced tea, LifeWater, and cran-pomegranate juice lately, though I like other juice flavors. (I weep for the disappearance of cran-tangerine juice. I can't find it anywhere. If anyone sees it, will you please tell me where it is? I miss it.)

So, all this has been going on this year. And I've been...not-depressed...all year. I'm not saying there haven't been times when I was jonesing so hard for sweets that I actually drank Hershey's Chocolate Syrup out of the bottle. But hey, we all have weaknesses. That doesn't happen often though. Usually I'm fine. However, in the last couple of months I've been having more sugary snacks and desserts. I haven't thought anything of it until the last couple of days. When I realized that for about two weeks, I've been overly emotional and depressed for no apparent reason. The last sugary mistake I made was a bag of chocolate caramel candy corn. (Yes, they have it. And yes, it is as gross and awesome as it sounds.) I've also been a wreck, after eating that crap. Lots of crying for no reason. Lots of nostalgia that would then lead to crying. Seriously, these last couple of weeks have been very bad on the mood scale. But I didn't drop into a more permanent depression, like I would've expected.

So, getting too much sugar in my diet made me depressed. A very scientific study indeed. Now I have to go back to getting less sugar. It's not easy. I'm used to having whatever chocolate or junk food I want, whenever I want it, or at least very soon. I'm used to hearing the more rational part of my mind tell me not to eat junk food and then totally ignoring that part of me and eating a bag of peanut butter cups, for example. I'm used to living with low willpower. I don't want to do that anymore. I want to stay out of depression. I also would like to lose weight and try to keep a little healthier in general.

I'm not quite ready for regular vigorous activity yet. I'm hoping to work my way up to something regular though. Wouldn't mind playing laser tag with the young dudes again, actually. That was fun. And there was a really good salad bar afterward at a pizza buffet place across town from the laser tag arena. (Kinda sad that I'm getting excited about salad bars these days, but there you go.)

So, yeah. Not really a diet, but just an attempt to cut down on the bad things. I won't cut out chocolate completely, because that's a sure way to make me eat even more chocolate, in defiance of my own self-imposed limits. And I won't quit soda entirely, not yet anyway. That may happen in the future, but for now I'm happy just trying to be a little more sane when it comes to eating. I'm an emotional eater too, so I really do need to watch it with the unhealthy stuff. I know this though, and have been trying to work through issues in my mind and control the urge to eat when I feel depressed or sad or empty. (Eating too much junk makes me feel depressed, sad and empty. So when I feel like that, I eat junk food to make myself happier. Aaaaand the cycle continues!) Right. Willpower and sanity. That's what I'm trying to develop right now.

I hope this goes well.

Sep. 23rd, 2010

broccoli monster

It's Finally Happened!

HOLY CRAP!!! Folks, it is now time to panic - Facebook is down. I repeat - FACEBOOK IS DOWN!!!

If you watch movies, you'll know that Jesse Eisenburg invented Facebook, and that Justin Timberlake invented Napster. Also, Jesse was a badass mofo against zombies, so a DNS server problem should be no big deal, right?

It's sort of amazing how much I've come to depend on Facebook for my internet activities. Amazingly stupid, that is. When I saw that DNS Server Problem page, I experienced a short but potent moment of sheer panic. What the Hell was I going to do on the internet now? How was I going to waste time? How was I going to keep in touch with my friends, some of whom I communicate with solely on Facebook? Surely this was the end of everything.

I told you it was amazingly stupid. I could be reading a book now.

Aug. 21st, 2010

broccoli monster

Martin Scorsese, This Is Christopher Nolan

I hope you two can get along. It's going to be a long trip, and that handbasket is pretty small. Still, you should have enough room in there, what with not having any clothes on and all.

Remember back when I posted about "Shutter Island" and I said "fuck Martin Scorsese right in the ear" because his movie was a huge insanity trigger? Oh, I liked the movie, but it caused some problems in my sanity gland. Well, Christopher Nolan has given us "Inception" now, with the same lead actor I might add, and it is yet another insanity trigger. So, fuck Christopher Nolan too. In fact, he and Martin Scorsese should try fucking each other in the ear. You know, so they have something to do in that handbasket, on the way to Hell.

I loved "Inception" by the way. It's a great movie, very entertaining, lots of action, lots of shooting and stuff. But as the story continued, I looked around the darkened theatre and realized something: it looked like a movie theatre you might see in a movie. I felt like a character in a movie, who is watching a movie. Suddenly, I wasn't sure if my real life - the life where I was sitting in the theatre watching "Inception" - was real or if it was actually a movie about a person who sees a movie and then goes crazy.

For those of us who have the occasional problem with our sanity glands, this kind of movie is torture. If you've ever wondered if what was going on in real life was actually real or not, this movie will hurt you. If you've ever needed therapy for any reason, this movie will trigger you. If you've ever taken a Philosophy class, or if you've ever been interested enough in philosophy to read about it or otherwise study it, this movie will twist your brain into a painful knot from which there is no escape.

Great movie. Loved it. Strictly speaking, it is still hurting me, but I loved it anyway. I will refrain from posting any real details about the movie, so you all can run out and see it and then write comments on this entry about how the movie has harmed you. I look forward to your ranting, lunatic death threats.

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